Other Releases and co-releases by bands or side projects related to the Gandula family:

2021 - Cassette & Digital

First solo album by Mark Cunningham (Blood Quartet) since 1997..

Released by Gandula, Edita la Servidumbre & Humanhood recordings.

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BELA “La Entrega”
2021 - CD

Debut album of Kike Bela’s solo project (Blood Quartet).

Released by Gandula & Amen Records.

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FLAARYR “Warm Light and Entaglement”
2021 - Cassette and Digital

Solo album by Dreymandi Hundur’s 50%. An unforgettable psych-math trip.
All benefits go to No Borders Iceland, CORREPI Argentina and Fundación Víctor Jara Chile.

Released by Gandula, post-Dreifing (Iceland) & Anomalía Records (Argentina).

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NO “Rituals and Beliefs” / “Noise is Beauty”
2019/2020 - Cassette & Digital

Solo albums by Lluís Rueda (Blood Quartet).

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VVAA “Gandula 10 anys”
2019 - CD

Compilation of 19 songs with all Gandula’s bands from 2009 to 2019.

Artwork by Berto Fojo.

Includes unreleased material.

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KLS & Negro “Split EP”
2018 - 7” vinyl

Seven-inch split between Negro, AKA Fernando Junquera (Valencia), and the power-violence trio KLS (Benicarló).

Artwork & Illustration by Paz Buñuel & Balty Albiol.

Coreleased by Boira Discos, Formes Diverses de Vida, Borx Records, El Club del Silencio, Los Manises, Realmente Bravo, Malamar Electric Tattooing & Plug In The Gear.

Listen to KLS side here.

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Big Ok “Big Ok”
2017 - CD/LP

First album of the free-grunge trio composed by Sara Fontán, Paul Fuster & Edi Pou.

Artwork by Big Ok and Edu Campos.

Coreleased by A Tant Rêver du Roi (FRA).

Listen to it.

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Os Meus Shorts “II”
2014 - CD

Second album of Nico Roig’s instrumental & experimental project.

Released by Bankrobber & co-released by Gandula.

Listen to it.

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Espaldamaceta “Baile Masái”
2013 - CD/LP

Espaldamaceta’s most electrical album, “Baile Masái”. 

Listen to it.

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Tarántula “Fracasados”
2012 - LP

Last album of the Condes de Barcelona, Tarántula.

Written and performed by Vincent Leone, Joe Crepúsculo, Daniel Descabello, Spazzfrica Ehd and Pau, el niño balear.

Coreleased with Producciones Doradas. Download the mp3 for free at their web.

Get the vinyl (with a special Juego de la Oca on the back cover) only at our DIYgital store.

Ginferno “Mondo Totale”
2011 - LP

Second album of one of the most important bands of Madrid’s early 2000 underground.

Listen to it on their Bandcamp.

Artwork by Manuel Donada.

LP sold out.

Mishima “Set tota la vida”
2010 - LP

Reissue in vinyl of Mishima’s fourth album, released in 2007.

Coreissued by Sones.

Buy the CD or the LP at Mishima’s digital store.

Mishima “Ordre i aventura”
2010 - LP

Mishima’s fifth album.

Coreleased by The Rest is Silence and Sones.

LP sold out. Buy the CD at Mishima’s digital store.

Sedaiós “Resolen problemes”
2009 - LP

First album we ever released with Gandula.

Listen to it on Bandcamp

LP sold out.

Nisei “Continents”
2007 - CD/LP

Second and last album of Catalan post-hardcore quartet Nisei.

Released by Bcore.

Artwork by Edu Campos.

Listen to it on Bandcamp.

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