1 Plastiq is a band.
Plastiq is not a band.
Plastiq is not only a band.

Plastiq is Lena, Luka and Raphaela, from Hamburg.
But not only.

Their newest LP, released by Gandula, is not only a Plastiq LP. It is the result of a multi-collaboration with many different artists from different disciplines.

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~ Plastiq

“This record juxtaposes and unites in situ improvisations made at Fleetstreet theatre over a span of two months in autumn 2019. With ‚Interstation’, all collaborationists — by name: Macio Moretti & Piotr Zabrodzki from LXMP, Bianca Peruzzi, Dor Aloni, Tian Rotteveel, Christopher Hotti Böhm & Philip Theurer & Zooey Agro from 13 Year Cicada, René Huthwelker, Raphaela Andrade Cordova & Lena Geue & Luka Lenzin from plastiq — outwit time and physics. While Boris Vogeler steered the current of sound at Roter Raum, Kmi Koni went in search of artifacts in distant terrains, erecting the imagery at hand. And so the project evolved. It still does. Right at this moment Manque La Banca projects the lost light of Ophiuchus onto your eyelids. Now hear Gesa Geue and Saliou Cissokho intone the forgotten tale of the ecliptic snake.

P.S.: A chicken that hatches the Ameise’s egg is looking for trouble.”