1 Seward are an extremely challenging band, also for a label. Their quest for rethinking song structures, album formats, social media and digital streaming is something that keeps us curious and hopeful. “We Prefer To”, Seward’s last album, is a matchbox, a deck of cards, a DIY teabag... Check their web and enjoy.

2 Discography:
“Home, Chapter One” (2011)
“Home Was A Chapter Twenty Six” (2013)
“Second Two: Chapter Home” (2015)
“We prefer to” (2017)
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3 Links:
︎ Seward Web
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~ Seward

"Combustible avant-folk anarchy from Catalonia. Miles off the mainstream musical map, Barcelona quartet Seward make a ragged and impassioned racket that borders on outsider art”. Stephen Dalton, Uncut Magazine.

"There is life in Seward’s music, a humanity that most bands find near-impossible to weave into their music. There are many bands who approach music like Seward do. They are all, without exception, shit. They are all indulgent, self-centred, and unkind to their audience. Seward are the exact opposite: their timing is perfect, their noises are specific and considered, and their purpose may not be defined, but it is rational. The band is lost in the beauty of noise-making, and the path it beats into human consciousness”. Joe Sparrow, A New Band A Day.